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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 20, 2017 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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an emotional reunion between a mother and her child, the actions taken on the san francisco das office to bring in about the 21 full baby boy home -- 21-month-old baby boy home. we will get to that story in a moment but we begin with breaking news and selfie were police set up a perimeter in a san jose neighborhood as they search for a pair of robbery suspects who led them on a chase. the ordeal began before 6 pm when they tried to make a traffic stop at center park and center tree boulevard. suspect driving a stolen car led police to the area near blossom hill road and a band in the car and took off running. jake slayton shared the photos of the s.w.a.t. team in the area, no word of arrest. palo alto the
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northbound side of highway 101. chp tweeted this picture, a car collided with a motorcycle in the accident has turned deadly. chp says the only lane open is the slow lane and expect delays. there is lots of red meeting lots of backup in the area. we will continue to monitor and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. new at 10, a 21- month-old toddler was reunited with his mother in san francisco. the toddler was the subject of a statewide amber alert that took all resources of multiple agencies to bring the pair together. rob malcolm joins us live with more. >> reporter: the san francisco da office says this was a lot of hard work the to see the reunion made it worthwhile. keeping her distance drum
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cameras this child was reunited with his mother. the das office says this was a happy ending. >> whenever we had a child missing or abducted our office will do everything possible to bring the child back.>> investigator and that souza flew to los angeles to pick up the child. speaking on behalf of of the monitor -- speak on behalf of the mother -- >> i'm having this happened, it has been a really tough time or her, she deserves this. >> reporter: the ordeal began when the father failed to return as agreed-upon. that prompted the mother to file for custody and report the boy missing to police. the boy was spotted on surveillance video in a store,
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evidence pointed to the pier heading south los angeles. an amber alert was issued statewide schp also reported his erratic behavior. located in la he was taken into custody without incident. he remains in jail and the child is with his mother. case worker read a statement on her behalf. >> i would like to think the officers of the san francisco and los angeles police departments, the das office, the child abduction unit got the san francisco sheriff's department, the survivor restoration program, the mystics violets consortium, they area legal a, and above all the community, all of the thoughts and prayers that were sent our way. >> the ordeal took countless man-hours, for investigators the san francisco das office says it was worth it. >> we are happy, anytime we
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have a child that comes back to the loving arms of his mother we are ecstatic and the hard work, this is what it's about.>> he is catching up with downtime with his mother. they are glad this at incident. the father remains in a jail, they did not say what further charges he could they say this was all about the child tonight. golden state remains perfect, 11 and zero. >> the warriors are only one game away from their third straight series sweep and even better, the nba finals. gill was here with another impressive when. >> even when they don't seem to be clicking on all cylinders they managed to win. it's hard to imagine anything other than all warriors cavalier matchup for the third straight year, a battle of attrition in san antonio with
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warriors coach steve kerr well enough to make the trip. kawai leonard sat out due to injury. san antonio was up by six after a free throw with one second left at the half. the warriors took command in the second quarter, tremont green path to mcgee, mckee had 16 points. all were starters were in double digits. 19 of kevin durrant points came in the third. he is demonstrating the depth of the warriors when he led the team tonight, they win the game on 21-1 away. this series they had 3-0. this is why the warriors were excited to acquire kevin durrant. >> he got into a group and we have some place where he's off the ball and we will get it to him at half court and that he can play pick and roll. with the group he was in and
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the rhythm, there was no need, he could handle the ball like a point guard so we set go ahead and bring it up. everybody get flat and we will play pick and roll and see what they do. >> he had his way for periods during transition and spread the game opened. he did a great job but the competitiveness was great. every time you look up you are playing against for all starts -- all-stars. you have to be perfect and competitive wife i can't ask for more. we turned it over to much and we need to make more shots.>> the warriors count wrap up the third sweep on monday. if uncharted territory for franchise that has never won 11 straight playoff games and i would bet on number 12.>> lots of excitement. for all-stars out there. you have to be on your game. it was a gorgeous day in the
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bay area, a timeless of the oakland actuary. many people enjoy the water. how long will it stick around? over to meteorologist mark tamayo with the forecast. >> we had a few more days of warm temperatures. they had in trending up, tuesday was the coolest day and it has gone each day. today the warmest day of the week, sunday to be warm as well, especially inland. this was the scene this evening looking out at golden gate, we had areas of dense fog or the portion of the day. we had some fog trying to recruit. we have fog again tomorrow morning but one record today, oakland airport at 85 degrees, the old record sat back in 2013 of 83. 70s and 80s and even some 90s, morgan hill, antioch, concorde
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in fairfield, napa and you more mid-90s tomorrow. we are in the clear. here's the storm of to our north, marine layer and fog concentrated toward the southern half of the bay area. as you can pick out we have fog regrouping that could be effective tomorrow. we're talking about hot temperatures inland, we will breakdown details on the warming trend is a few minutes. president trump arrived in saudi arabia on his first trip abroad as commander-in-chief. his first order of business was feeling a multibillion-dollar arms deal. laura ingle has more from new york. >> it was a tremendous day. >> reporter: president trump arrived in saudi arabia the warm reception. it's his first trip overseas in
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one of the first orders of business was to sign a $110 billion defense agreement with saudi arabia's king salmon. >> hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs cut jobs cut jobs. i would like to think the people of saudi arabia.>> reporter: rex tillerson is traveling with him in the arms deal cements the alliance between the countries. >> i think it sends a strong message to our common enemies. it strengthens the bond between us and charts a new pathway forward. >> reporter: secretary tillerson had strong words for iran criticizing it support of foreign fighters in countries like yemen, iraq and syria. >> we're closely coordinating our efforts in terms of how to counter iran's extreme -- extremism. >> reporter: the president and first lady were welcomed to the palace with a lavish ceremony in in a secretary of state got into the spirit seen dancing
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with the sword. >> we are very proud of this relationship that we are embarking upon with the kingdom . and we are appreciative of the leadership of his royal highness, king solomon.>> reporter: the president is scheduled to make a speech on terrorism at the arab islamic summit. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. first lady melania trump chose not to wear headscarf as is the custom in saudi arabia. interestingly enough, two years ago mr. trump criticized and first lady michelle obama's decision to forgo a head covering during the 20 15th visit with ormer president obama. women in saudi arabia including most for visitors are expected to wear floorlength black dresses and not pants and cover their heads. during this trip melania said she looks or to meeting with women and children from different countries different perspectives. after a whirlwind week of headlines
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congress expects to hear from james comey. the senate intelligence committee announced james comey is willing to testify at a public hearing. that committee is investigating russia's interference in the 2016 election and whether president trump's campaign colluded with russia. nevers of congress are likely to ask him about other controversies such as reports the president asked him to drop an investigation into trumps national security advisor michael flynn. that, from the president is outlined in a memo james comey wrote documenting a conversation with the president. >> first i want to find out if he was the source of the leaks of the memo that he was quoted in. second, i would ask him why he did not talk directly, why he is using his friends. i would go back to his decisions to speak to the public. >> james comey is expected to testify after memorial day but there is doubt whether he will be allowed to testify. there is
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speculation that newly appointed special counsel could limit his appearance. democrats are having their convention and delegates are valid -- boating for candidate leaders. the party is selecting a successor to john burton, the chairman of the california democratic party. kimberly ellis and eric bowman, tonight adam shift address the conference and he's the top democrat on the senate committee investigating president trump's campaigns potential ties to russia. >> certainly we need to resist the impulses of the administration the way also have healing to do within the party and we need to come together. the situation is all hands on deck when the republic is being threatened. >>-minority leader nancy pelosi
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spoke at the convention earlier today. try to no yelling or volatility the silence broke and there was gunshots. still to come, police fire on a suspect in a quiet neighborhood, what we are learning from neighbors. systemwide delays after trained to roman today. we will have details on delays. new details on the man accused of trying to rush the cockpit on a flight to hawaii in his behavior in the moments leading up to the incident. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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new at 10, a u. s. coast guard helicopter made in emergency landing at the berkeley marina this afternoon. the coast guard says the crew made the decision to land after the autopilot system failed and they smelled something burning in the cockpit. are also towards shared this footage shortly after it landed at the marina at about noon. the crew was on its way to moderate to help with search and rescue, no one was hurt. train derailment caused systemwide delays. bart says two cars came off the track at about 3 pm. there are no reports of injuries in the transit agency says all passengers were safely escorted off the disabled
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train. some passengers on board the dublin train described frightening moments as the train they were on the old with smoke. >> there was smoke coming from the back, so we were saying for them to open the doors. he said you have to walk forward away from smoke so we all began to walk forward.>> it came off the track and started smoking. >> delays continued well into the evening as trains ran on a single rail. parked expects the trains to go back to normal tomorrow. the coast guard rescued some swimmers at china beach in san francisco today. fortunately the coast guard was doing a water safety drill nearby. of crew pulled on swimmer from the water and spotted the other on nearby rocks between china beach and lands end. the crew could knock it close
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enough on the boat so the fire department responded to the scene and retreat the second swimmer on a jet ski. >> they were able to get up right by the rocks and get the person on the j.e.d.d. and bring them were jarboe. once they were on board we checked to make sure they were okay, got them warmed up and brought them back to our docs where we have local ems waiting. >> both swimmers showed signs of hypothermia or otherwise all right. lake tahoe is filled to the top from winter storm and snowmelt, almost 72,000,000,000 gallons of water in entered the late since april 1 raising its level to within one foot of full capacity. there's only one outlet into the truck a river at tahoe city. water officials say there releasing about 1500 feet per cubic second to minimize flooding as snowmelt pours into the lake. a lot more stuff happening because it really
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warmed up in the bay area and across the state. most of the bay area in the clear, we had bought the site in already a few patches developing now closer to the coastline in monterey bay with patches near the marine temperance in the golden state bridge. updated for 10 pm, mild 70s out there, the p.m. 74 degrees in livermore. san jose 72. walnut creek 73. santa rosa 78. san francisco 61 degrees. is beautiful here looking for the bay bridge, a beautiful perspective here. we have some fog regrouping near the golden gate bridge, it was locally dense today speaking under the bridge and that will probably be the case tomorrow because we have a layer of warm air trying to arrest the marine layer and that's causing the dense fog today and tomorrow. >> bay to breakers tomorrow, 8
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am tomorrow, in the upper 50s and then by nine. , for the coast we expect patchy fog as temperatures in the lower 60s. a clear start you may encounter a fog patch working your way closer to ocean beach. >> the forecast model is generate fog the site, locally dense but clear skies for the rest of the area, and then into the afternoon, partly cloudy sky and a few miles inland, a big warm ñmicroclimate is resurfacing. mid-sixties kasai, backup into the 90s sunday afternoon. i will let you know how long
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the hot weather remains in place because we have cooler temperatures in the five-day. san francisco is getting ready for the always entertaining bay to breakers rate. it starts tomorrow morning, we had a preview of what to expect. >> friday and saturday allowed 40,000 runners and walkers to pick up their raise bids concerts and look at the products and services available. this year's signature sponsor, alaska airlines, once the race to be fun and family-friendly. >> we want to strive for because bay to breakers is a general ages event. we want to have generations coming out and people passing get along down the line. > reporter: like this lady, many come from abroad and some from the four corners of the nation. >> i ran for the first time in 1992 and i enjoyed it and
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decided to come back and do it again to visit friends. >> reporter: many are new participants. >> i wanted to do it in my mom, so i decided, she is serious, i am here to party. >> i started this avenue san francisco challenge run, you run for events and you get a special metal. >> reporter: many art multi-race participants. >> i have ran in the past and it's fun to go across golden gate park and see interesting people and meet with my friends and socialize in the city.>> reporter: the race is smaller than it was 20 or 25 years ago when everything and anything went. the new rules and restrictions made it safer and far less objectionable to folks who live along the race route. residence along the way appreciate the barriers keeping racers out of their homes way open-air in yard urination.
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>> those people did whatever they did because they do not have 1000 porta potty's. >> reporter: this woman heard from her landlord. i guess people try to come in and use the restroom.>> reporter: and naked runners? that it still goes on. that has not been curtailed at all. >> reporter: edits finish line, running will give way to a big party tomorrow morning. -- at its finish line, running will give way to a big party tomorrow morning. a plane at lax collides with a truck on the taxiway injuring eight people with an investigation now underway.
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torrential rains have flooded parts of southern indiana, look at the video. the city of salem, 35 miles northwest of louisville, kentucky, was hit hard. severe storms moved to the area causing flash floods. officials declared a state of emergency. residents seem to a soft vocal about the situation. >> it will be a slow process and rebuilt. that's what the small town of salem's, we rebuild.>> no reports of serious injury and no estimate of damage cost. a terrifying sight in texas were eight teenagers were stuck on top of a roller coaster about 1 am. fire crews arrived to rescue them on the joker, they hosted the texas high school seniors with the park staying open until 5 am. when the roller coaster severe weather started coming through arlington. >> we think lightning into
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consideration the you have to remember, when we arrived on scene, there were eight young people stuck on a roller coaster in the air. the weather wasn't stopping us from going up to's help them -- to help them. >> all students are okay. and airliner collided with the supply truck at lax flipping the truck on a side. eight employees were hurt but all are expected to survive. the jet was taxing when the 737 clip the truck. a wing was damaged but not of the 146 passengers on board the flight which had just arrived from mexico city were hurt. the cause of the accident is under the station. a turkish man taken into custody in hawaii accused of trying to rush an american airline cockpit. the flight was on twitter honolulu from los angeles. a man who witnessed this say acted strange tried to reach the cup but was detained by crew and passengers.
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witnesses say he was carrying a laptop. >> he walked to the back of the plane and had a flight blanket over him. >> he was walking back and forth down the aisle with the laptop acting very peculiar there >> a passenger recorded agents taking him into custody. witnesses say a flight attendant jump her serving cart in the doorway to keep him from getting to the pilots. passengers including an off- duty police officer took him down and that the 10 to as the until the plane landed. all passengers were interviewed in plane searched by police before being cleared for the next flight. flagged down for help. second questions around a car accident details on the driver's actions moment after crashing. a pleasanton man killed by
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police after a family disturbance. the recent officers gave her firing their weapons. closed captioning brought to you by mancini's sweet world -- sleep world.
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now to a developing story out of the east bay, pleasanton police shot a suspect in a home in a quiet residential neighborhood. have been along the 3200 block of oregon the drive. the initial call was a family disturbance. >> reporter: damien mcnamara says he and most neighbors were busy in front yards this morning when they were startled by gunfire. >> i was cleaning my garage and neighbors were doing chores and we heard a series of gunshots rang out.>> reporter: moments later he saw several police cars arrive. pleasanton police say earlier
10:31 pm
three police officers responded to a call at the home of burgundy driver family disturbance. >> when officers arrived the garage door open and inside was a male adult work he walked toward the office source holding -- officers holding a firearm.>> it's unclear if the suspect fired his gun the pleasanton police say none of the officers were injured. neighbors say they had no indication anything was wrong.>> no yelling or volatility, just all the sudden silence broken by gunshots.>> reporter: mcnamara says the couple and a teenage daughter lived at the home. >> i don't know them personally. seem to be a nice family. this is horribly tragic.>> reporter: the suspect died at the scene but no one else was injured. police have identified that identified the suspect but they
10:32 pm
are not releasing his relationship or identity. this is under investigation by pleasanton police and also the alameda county da's office. ohka police are investigating a shooting right next to a preschool. it happened after 10:30 am on fleming avenue near peter pan cooperative nursery school near back stop park. one person was wounded and taken to the hospital police are looking or two suspects. no arrests have been made. there are questions around the death at a woman on a car crash. she was a passenger in a white nissan traveling north on highway 101 s. of linton springs road when the vehicle went off the highway, hit a tree and went down in abatement. a woman in her 30s in the passengers the was pronounced dead at the scene.>> the driver
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was able to get out of the vehicle, came up to the highway to flag down help in -- and walked off. >> the highway patrol later found the driver and it's not clear what caused the crash or why the driver let the scene. paulo alto police have arrested a man for stealing from cars. a woman called 911 to report her home burglar alarm was going off early tuesday morning. when she looked outside she saw someone had broken into her car. but found the key to the house and was trying to break in both scared off by the alarm. they say beds and kobe connected to five other area burglaries. of morgan hill man was arrested today suspected of attacking a woman before repeatedly stabbing himself. it happened about 445 it happened about 4:45 pm at the
10:34 pm
apartment complex. they found eduardo ramirez using a pocket knife to step himself in the neck and shoulder. the police used a taser to subdue him. he and his victims were hospitalized, no word on their conditions. health officials -- in antioch man died, health officials want to know if he contracted it from a convenient stores sacramento county. martin galindo's brother say he doesn't know if he got this from walnut grove gas station that says he was working in the sacramento area when the outbreak began. the department of public health will identify. >> across the united states there are probably less than 100 cases of foodborne botulism
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per year. >> the state health department reports 10 people hospitalized with walnut grove botulism outbreak. if you are planning a bbq this weekend there's a major recall to warn you about involving hotdogs. we will explain. the weather is off to a warm to hot start, mostly clear skies but there is fog trying to regroup.
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♪ [ music ] that song in my zero summer and it out
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like it a. on nice look at the bay bridge, 60 degrees in oakland but it will warm back up tomorrow, work to mild wet the forecast in a minute. speaking of royals it was not technically a royal wedding that it was a royal affair. piffle middleton, sister of catherine the duchess of middleton tied the knot to hedge fund -- princess charlotte in prince george were in the wedding party looking cute. festivities continued with a champagne reception at the middleton estate nearby and a wedding dinner. prince harry brought his american girlfriend to the reception. a memorial day, -- on memorial day many will be cooking out. hotdogs had pulled 200,000 how the hotdogs after customers found metal objects in the
10:39 pm
nathan's hot dog. it is the skinless eight beef franks by used by a. the usda said people should drop the hotdogs, and return them to the store. great weather, raptors in the low 90s, borderline excessively hot, still temperatures are treading up over the past few days. tonight, mostly clear skies tomorrow warm to hot with major cooling. we have relief coming in the five-day. right now most of california in the clear except a fall break to the south. patchy fog will regroup near the coastline. >> or sunday, mostly clear skies with log, afternoon more
10:40 pm
sunshine but maybe partly cloudy skies and up a temperature range. the microclimate is resurfacing. upper 60s, 70s all the way to the 90s. this is a live look out by the bay bridge, the lights are always great to see. mostly clear skies but fog regrouping by the golden gate. and patches may be closer to the bridge tomorrow morning. checking in on current numbers, 70 still in cochran, walnut creek in san francisco, 61 degrees. the fall, we have a layer of warm air above our heads squashing the marine air, this could impact visibility tomorrow morning. typical southern time -- summertime weather. this big area of high pressure has been warming up a good portion of the west coast since
10:41 pm
tuesday, 60s 1090s tomorrow and here is the deal first sunday into monday. after monday the high backs off and things cool off by tuesday in a big drop-off by wednesday and thursday. >> dense fog tomorrow morning outwork ocean beach in half moon bay, possibly simson beach as well. away from the coastline you will have or sunshine in temperatures respond by warming up. there's a big adventure range in the 60s, the red contour links with the 90s. has locations a little warmer than today about 92 to 95 degrees on sunday afternoon. mid-90s near vacaville, 89 in santa rosa, by the rim of the day in the 80s as you work inland, there toward danville in livermore, drink lots of
10:42 pm
water and look for the trees to stay cool in the shape. san jose at 89, gilroy 83 and san francisco downtown at 76. closer to ocean beach in the 60s with fog. the five-day forecast temperatures hot away from the shoreline and we will cool off by tuesday to wednesday. not too many weather people in a country can say it will be 65 or 95 but that's the forecast for tomorrow. that does it for us, sports is next got giant relying on their rookie to win in extra innings and the warriors improve to 11 and nothing postseason. highlights and postgame reaction are coming up next. ♪ [ music ] [ whistles ]
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good evening and welcome the saturday night sports wrap, as a franchise golden state warriors have never been where they are tonight. winners of 11 straight playoff games. steve kerr healthy enough to make the trip where andre iguodala played in game three. the spurs led early but the spurs went to sleep. west throws the clark obese the buzzer and the warriors closed the gap. they took command in the second quarter but the spurs had a moment or two, they tied the game at 43.


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